When looking for a Studebaker rat rod, you must consider that Henry and Clement Studebaker started H&C Studebaker Blacksmith shop in 1852. After many hard years of work, the Studebaker Manufacturing Company became the manufacturer of wagon in the world. In fact, the brothers filled orders for wagon used during the U.S. civil War.


The Studebakers would introduce their first vehicle in 1902, an electric car. In 1904, the brothers released their first gas powered car. By WW2, Studebaker was filling more military orders with an amphibious vehicle known as the Weasel. Studebaker also built trucks for military use. They turned this production into civilian and commercial trucks after the war. The trucks produced by Studebaker are the most likely candidates for custom Studebaker rat rods. The Studebaker line is limited to 36 models during their years of vehicle production from 1902 to 1966. Therefore, it would be difficult to locate many Studebaker rat rods for sale.